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Making 6 USD per 1000 views of your photos and art!

By combining image hosting with a Linkbucks intermission you could double your earnings and earn 6 USD per 1000 views. Simply upload an image to these hosts, convert the image url into a paid URL, and bam, you now get double money per view.

Here are a list of various services I use:

http://ae28c188.urlbeat.net - 3.00 / 1000 views(supposedly, I’ve only scored 60 cents per 1000 views so far and they were from the USA/UK). Minimum payment 1 dollar. Pays via Payza.

http://a81be45e.urlbeat.net - 3.00 / 1000 views. Only has adult ads. Minimum payment 2 dollars. Pays via Paypal, AlertPay, and Liberty Reserve. 15% referral rate.

http://d21995ec.linkbucks.com - 2.60 / 1000 views. Paypal, AlertPay, Liberty Reserve. Minimum payout 2 dollars. 10% referral rate.

http://2e39bc6b.linkbucks.com - 3 USD / 1000 views Liberty Reserve or Webmoney.10% of referral earnings.

Decide what’s best for you and combine it with LB to double your profits. =]

Linkbucks News(And Why It’s Better Than Adfly)

Linkbucks just got a lot better!

The site has increased its rates by 20-30% in most categories. Whereas you once made 2.20 per 1000 clicks, it is now 3.00 per 1000 clicks.

I used to think Adf.ly paid more, but I discovered something today. Though it advertises about 6.70 per 1000 clicks, it seems really hard to get that; having some friends test my links for me gave me 1/10 what Linkbucks did. I always assumed Adf.ly paid more, but it looks like LB might be the better service after all. It also has far less rules governing its use.

If you found this information useful, you can join as my referral at Linkbucks and monetise your posts and links today!

Daily Update - June 15/16

July 15-16

Another earnings report. Once again, CC beats the crap out of LB.

Linkbucks - 0.10

CashCrate - 4.45

Why should you join as my referral on CashCrate? It comes at no cost to you, plus I give all my referrals a list of all the offers I’ve completed personally; I’ve completed 16 bucks worth of offers, and with the 1 dollar signon bonus, you can be on your way to your payout on day one! It’s free to join and you don’t have to give any financial information, so what do you have to lose?

I spend about an hour each day on CashCrate doing two surveys and watching about 15 short videos. This gives me 2 dollars on average each day, with extra money from checking in and doing searches. I also do an offer here or there for an easy, quick 50 cents or so. Heck, I was paid to join Facebook.

For those who are overseas, the payments are also in USD, which can make it quite lucrative when converted to your local currency.

Daily Earnings - June 14!

I figured I’d start doing my daily earnings through various programs here to gauge their profitability.

Linkbucks - 0.04

CashCrate - 2.40

…umm. CC is clearly the better investment… XD